Sunday, 23 October 2011

Saturday, 22 October 2011

After Effects Test 2

After Effects test 2 – Animated Earth zoom from Spitalfields.

After Effects Test 1

Click on the link above to view the first test in creating a 3D effect with a photo using Photoshop and After Effects.

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Barbican - Junya Ishigami: Architecture is Air

Exhibition at the Barbican until 16th October
Internationally acclaimed Japanese architect Junya Ishigami is one of the pioneering architects of his generation. Working between the spheres of architecture and art, Ishigami redefines the aesthetics of minimalism by playing with perception, materials and scale. 

1.3 Short Film - The Tourist & The Cyclist

Through the use of split screen, stop-motion animation, stills and video footage the short film shows the contrasting views during the two journeys of the tourist and cyclist.

This is a first attempt and will be developed further.

- Created in Adobe Premiere and Photoshop

1.3 Storyboard

Initial short film ideas

1.2 Site Mapping

Map 1

By recording the movement of people through the Christ Church Square on a Friday lunchtime I am able to study how the site is used. This was carried out as a possible base as a concept for a short film in project 1.3. 

Map 2

The second map depicts a cycle through Spitalfields London with footage taken via a camera fixed to a Barclays bike. The distortion of the images reflects the low absorption of a cyclists' surroundings.

Map 3

In contrast, here we see the path of an inquisitive tourist around the same area. The tourist takes time to create snapshot memories of interesting architecture.

I will use the latter two maps as a starting point for my short film, which will attempt to show the contrasting eyes of the cyclist and the tourist.

1.1 Chronograph

This first project maps the inter-connecting components of a scene from Wim Wenders' film Wings of Desire in which angels live amongst mortals, surveying and reporting their activities and thoughts.

The chronograph attempts to illustrate a timeline of the cameras' position in relation to the actors, architecture and sound within the scene. The purpose of this exercise was to prove the difficulties in depicting movement, sound and setting through a 2D drawing.